Did Destiny Actually Rip Off Players? Or Are People Just Cry-Babies?

Of course, we cant’t go a week without the gaming community complaining about Bungie and their mess of a game, Destiny 2.

Look even I have been a part of this crowd in the past. In fact, I am usually one of the first to call out the game for its antics. For example, I agree with the end-game debacle, the catering to casuals argument, the shitty customization options, and the fact that they are too cheap to buy dedicated servers.

But this latest argument is one I cant find myself agreeing with.

With the release of the new expansion, Curse of Osiris, A lot of the end-game activity to locked unless you are a high enough power level to access it. However, you can only get to that power level by farming the new hardest content, which comes with the expansion.


I am at a loss for why people are so confused about this move. Every single MMO in the history of MMOs has done this. New content = harder content, harder content = need better gear, new gear = new areas to explore.

Do people expect to get new content for free?

I think the confusion people have is how game companies operate. Games bring us happiness, enjoyment and a place to socialize. For us, a game is an escape, and even another life.


They make the game to make money. They use that money to make more content, which they sell to you to make more money. And the circle continues.

Stop complaining. There are plenty of free to play games on the market. But this is how AAA MMOs work. WOW, Aion, Guild Wars, etc…

There are more important things to go after in the gaming industry right now.

Let’t not cry wolf.

If you want to hear “The Know” and their take on this issue, here is their outlook.

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