Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Honest Review

Well it’s here ladies and gentleman. The Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2 dropped this morning. As of writing this, I have put around 6 hours into the new content, and can now comfortably give an opinion.

First off the good.

The new areas on Mercury are absolutely beautiful and well put together. The past, present and future areas are original, entertaining and a ton of fun to explore. For the first time in a long time, this doesn’t feel like a re-skin of any content.

Second, despite what some people said about the new missions, they were quite heafty. Sure, I already finished the whole thing, but they were not 5 minute “run to here” missions like a lot of the Destiny 1 expansions gave us.

Third, the new exotic weapons ARE AWESOME. I was lucky enough to get the new “Robotic Spider Death Grenade Launcher LOL RIP Enemies” right off the bat. Probably my new favorite gun in the game. Something about shooting robotic spiders into a crowd randomly and watching them blow up is a day-maker.

Now for the negatives.

For the most part, the game hasn’t made any significant changes. After completing the new raid lair I can see myself putting Destiny 2 away for another few months until the next expansion, so that sucks.

Also, a ton of new ships, sparrows and ornaments entered the game space which are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Unfortunately, they are locked being bright engrams with abysmal drop rates. So either open up your wallet or expect to drop a ton of time into grinding XP for them.

All in all, if you love Destiny 2 and already bought the season pass, jump on. It is enough to hold you over until the Monster Hunter 2 Beta in a few days. However, if you were disappointed in the game so far, I would say that there weren’t enough changes to justify dropping the money right now.


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