SKYFORGE Has Landed On Xbox One, But Will It Fail Too?

Recently, Xbox One has received the “gift” of an MMORPG that PC has had for a while, and PS4 was endowed with earlier this year. Of course, I am talking about the beautiful mess that is Skyforge.

Skyforge may seem like your average MMO at first, but it lacks a lot of the things that make it immersive like WOW, Neverwinter or FFXIV.

For starters, the areas that you explore are mostly linear missions that take you through a semi-story line that really isn’t engaging. To get to the actual story, you will have to open your menu and intuitively navigate to a menu that plays much like a chapter book.

However, there are a lot of great things about this game that are worth talking about:
-The artwork and detail are fantastic.
-The class system is interesting and different.
-Skill rotation is extremely important to DPS.
-Boss fights, and hell the end game content, are EXTREMELY difficult.

But that is where the good ends.

Like any free-to-play game, it runs on a system of in-game currency for real world money. Basically pay to win. I would say pay to progress, but progression means higher power level, and so you win a hell of a lot faster.

Also, the loot system and how you actually power up have a learning curve. I am all for using my brain, but not for something that should be clear cut so you can focus on being the best POS you can possibly be.

On PS4 this game has all but died. Yes, yes there are still a decent amount of players who inhabit the servers, but there hasn’t been any growth and the popularity has slowly dwindled down to forgotten numbers.

But hey, give the game a try, I know I did. And honestly I had a ton of fun. For me, hitting that wall of “pay some real money or keep farming for a month to move forward,” was where I called it quits.


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