Monster Hunter: World – PS Plus Members Are In For a Treat!

When Monster Hunter: World was first announced, the gaming world went crazy. FINALLY, a monster hunter for the west that we don’t have to use Google Translate for (seriously though). Best part? A full game on console, not some 2-bit hack port that we would have to play at 720p (First world problems).

The first news of this game gave us a speculative release date of mid March 2018, which to a gamer, is basically like saying it’s 10 years away. BUT.
BUTT. (hehe)

It turns out that the release date for this beauty is January 26th 2018! Maybe I am the last person to know about this change. Okay fine. I have a career and shit. And I just started writing about gaming. So I get a pass.

So what is the fun part for Playstation Plus owners? Well, if you have the online Playstation subscription, you have access to the beta on December 9th! (Download available on the 8th which is 5.9 gigs).

The beta includes 3 different quests in 2 different areas of the world.

Yes, yes, we will all finish this in a few hours and then tweet about how small the beta was. But comeon! It comes out nearly 2 weeks after!

So yeah, if you’re a PS Plus member, I guess I will see you in-game bright and early on December 9th.

And if you’re an Xbox or PC player… RIP the dream :/


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