Professional Gaming Might Actually Hurt Itself.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that scary, scary word that is coming from every corner of the web right now, “net neutrality.”

With the bill protecting our internet as a basic human right on the chopping block, we come to a point where the internet as we know it could soon be gone. So what does this mean for us?

To start, with protection from companies gone, they will have the ability to charge customers more money to access different parts of the internet at faster speeds. For example, lets say an ISP (internet service provider) notices that 80% of their traffic is going to Netflix. The ISP can then throttle down speeds to Netflix, and offer full speed access for an extra fee.

Yeah. I know. Fuck that.

So what does this mean for the streaming community?

Well currently, although Twitch has a large audience, it isn’t large enough to constitute a throttle in service due to demand. However, over the last few years, we have seen a GIANT boom in the pro-gaming world. Hell, we even have universities that offer degrees in e-sports…

So as the genre grows, expect there to be some backlash, especially if net neutrality is thrown in the dumpster, lit on fire and pissed on. Just another wonderful roadblock on the already difficult path to becoming a famous streamer.


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