Call of Duty: WW2 Ranked Play Releases….and it’s Good?

For the last few weeks since launch, I have had my skepticism about the new ranked play mode that has remained locked on the multiplayer screen till today.

I had so many unanswered questions.

How big would teams be?

Would it be Hardcore or Normal Mode?

What game types?

Am I going to get ROFL stomped by everyone who queues in as a team?

Well we finally have our answers. It turns out that the new ranked playlist is a 4v4 battle in normal mode following CWL rule sets. For those of you who don’t know what CWL is, it is a list of rules and banned items that cannot be used during e-sports events. This is a great move from Sledgehammer. So far, I have been placed into CTF and Search and Destroy, so for the time being I will assume that is all that exists.

The ranked playlist is also ONLY able to be joined as a solo player, meaning that you will not run into teams. This makes in-game chat very important. At first, you will need to play 10 placement matches to determine your MMR, which also randomly shows after matches as it changes.

So yeah, kudos bitches. You may have done ranked right. Better than most.

-e-sports rules

-solo queue

-MMR based


-every player has access to the same equipment.

I’m impressed, now keep me that way.


*I have no information on season rewards as of yet. There are rumors but you know how those always turn out. So I’ll keep you posted.


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