Bungie Releases It’s Plans to Save Destiny 2…

Well guys, here it is. I’ve been sitting on the Bungie website all day waiting for this update to come out, and I’m not sure what I was expecting. At first, it feels like a lot due to the massive walls of text.

But read closer. 90% of the additions they are planning to release are mechanics that already existed in Destiny 1.

On one hand, I am not surprised by the lack of imagination being shown here. However, on the other hand I am really happy to see some of these changes come back like:

-some sort of random weapon stat rolls

-buying any armor pieces you need

-using legendary shards for…. anything really

So I guess this is a good first step to bring me back to the game. Since I already bought the DLC, I will be playing it and trying out these new implementations for myself.

If you want to read the full update and what you can expect moving forward, here is the link to the forum.



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