The EA Loot Controversy…

If you’ve been living under a rock, let me break it down for you. With the release of Star Wars Battle Front 2, loot boxes had reached a new low. A full, AAA game, with a pay-to-win mechanic built in. So obvious in fact, that you would have to close your eyes not to see it. With this, came the outrage of the gaming community.Fast forward to a few weeks later, and EA has taken these loot boxes down from their game. However, this hasn’t quelled the thirst for blood that many in the community have come to hunger for. Many other games, such as Overwatch, are under fire for the same tactics (not sure why, seeing as this is just for skins).

My opinion is this: Loot boxes are 100% okay if they are cosmetic only purchases. Yes, you may feel less cool or left out because you don’t have that sick costume, but that wont effect your k/d, let’s be honest. But pay-to-win mechanics for a full priced game are absolutely not okay. Leave that to the phone games.

My warning to these companies is this. You have pushed the boundaries of what we will accept in our games. It’s time to pull back, because gamers aren’t all kids, and we can, and will run your profits into the ground if this continues. RIP.


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